In following Christ, Faith is something we all need on our Christian journey to get to our heavenly father and his son, Jesus Christ. Faith is trusting and believing in God when times get tough, the roads in life get rocky, and when you cannot fully see how things will turn out for you and your life.

   And, just to let you know, in life, you are not alone; God is there for you if you allow him to be, and he can help you on your journey. 

   So, how did my journey with having Faith in Christ begin?

       Well, here’s my answer. My faith journey started many, many years ago as a child. I grew up going to [a Baptist] church with my family, especially my mother, on Sundays. I attended Sunday school, Bible study on Wednesdays, and went to summer vocational school, which led to my baptism, giving God my life entirely at a young age. 

     As an adult, I still attend church, read my Bible, and listen to sermons online [FYI. Transformation Church with Pastor Mike Todd is the best], watch and listen to motivational videos and podcasts on how to strengthen my relationship with God, which led to me understanding more about him and his will in my life.

     Before you can ever honestly know God, you must first believe in him, his word, including his promises for your life. I’ll name a few. God promises to strengthen us in hard times [Ephesians 3:14-16], give us rest [Matthew 11:28], take care of all our needs [Philippians 4:19], answer all our prayers [Matthew 7:7], and work everything out for our good [Romans 8:28].

    Doesn’t that sound good? If you said yes, I agree with you. See, those are just a couple of promises that God can fulfill when you follow him.

   To start, it only requires a tiny mustard seed of Faith and the willingness to accept Him in your life through confession. Confessing to God that you would want him to be your Lord and Savior of your life and over your life is crucial because it’s the first step of your Faith walk with God.

     The other requirements that you need to start your faith journey officially is to join a faith-based church that feeds your spirit, not just on Sundays but throughout the week, get you a Bible that you can easily read to understand God’s word [I recommend New Century Version for beginners], pray daily [talk to God faithfully, every single day so he can know you personally and you can get to know him] and lastly, build trust.


     Trust God through every situation and circumstance, no matter how big or small, because he can see you through and know that with God, you are never alone and if it’s an answer to a question that you don’t know, trust God and he will reveal it to you in due time.

    Having Faith in God allows Him to fight the battles you can’t and provide you with a full armor of Him that can protect you for a lifetime. With God, you can have eternal life once you are no longer here on earth, complete protection throughout your daily life here on earth, and a friend in Jesus Christ that will remain forever.

Faith Callens

Faith Callens

Faith Callens is a firm believer in Christ who believes God should be in the front and center of your life, no matter the circumstance and is an active journalist/blogger in Florida who specializes in Journalistic Storytelling and Online News.

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